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It’s The Little Things

This is a tough week with hard things. Some weeks are just like that, others rather dull and uneventful. It's the hard weeks though that make you take inventory, make you take note of the little things. The precious moments and memories that pushed down and stirred together make up the total sum of … Continued Reading


Brave Like GiGi

The second I hung up the phone my husband walked into the room with our two boys. He knew instantly that something was terribly wrong and asked the boys to head back to the playroom. As soon as they shut the door, I lost it. It was one of those deep down in your soul silent explosions of emotion that just … Continued Reading


Starbucks Red Cup

Starbucks Store Online Gift of the Week 2! Starbucks Store Online is excited to announce their second week of special Holiday promotions - Gift of the Week! For this week's savings we are offering free standard shipping when you buy two or more Dot Collection Mugs & Tumblers. This offer is valid 11/16 … Continued Reading

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